Clifford Longley 
Monday, 12 March, 2007, 07:45 AM
Rating 4 out of 5 (Highly platitudinous).

Modern celebrities are just rubbish. Nothing more than insubstantial fashion icons. God, they're just hopeless aren't they? Celebrities from the past were much better, like 19th century generals. Now there were some proper celebrities, making the world a better place. But people nowadays don't seem to pay any attention to the past and this is Christianity's trouble. That's why people don't listen to Jesus any more, who existed 2,000 years ago and was definitely God. It's nothing to do with religion being a morally outdated, male dominated, hierachical social control structure.

Humans are like a pack of dogs - we all need a top dog to look up to, and Jesus is the one for me. The world wouldn't be where it is today without Jesus. Mark my words, people will listen to him again one day, once they've figured out how trashy modern celebs are.

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