A special Christmas platitude from The Most Reverend Dr. Barry C. Morgan, Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Llandaff 
Saturday, 22 December, 2007, 01:22 PM
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All over the world, fundamentalist atheists are oppressing poor Christians. The Schools are full of them, indoctrinating children with atheist propaganda. Nativity plays, which in any rational, tolerant society would be compulsory, have been completely banned.

Every time we explain to anybody that Jesus was definitely the invisible magic friend, they militantly point out that maybe he wasn't. Some even suggest that religion has no substance and is a load of superstitious nonsense. As if. They should show some proper respect for belief in the invisible magic friend by not questioning it. How dare they resist our imposition of our religion. They're so intolerant!

Week after week, in churches and schools all over the country, Christians are denied the opportunity to put their point of view. We're never heard on the radio or TV. Airlines even prevent their workers from wearing dangling crosses near conveyor belts. Don't they know that expressing our beliefs is more important than silly health and safety laws?

Atheists believe that God is on their side. Well let me just tell you he isn't. Jesus was God. That's the unarguable truth, and no amount of atheistic fundamentalism is going to change it.

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