Staggeringly Reverend Lord Professor Bishop Baron Reverend Lord Richard Harries 
Friday, 6 February, 2009, 08:39 AM
Rating 4 out of 5 (Highly platitudinous)

The believers' counterstrike in the advertising bus war has begun at last. I was amazed by the atheist bus campaign. Amazed, I tell you! For they said "There probably is no Celestial Teapot." Which just goes to show that even they admit their could be a Celestial Teapot.

All the evidence shows that Teapotters are happier than a-teapotters. Teapotters go about their lives smiling happily, knowing in their hearts that there is a loving Teapot to look after them. Now we have our own bus ads, telling people to be happy: "Only complete twats say, there is no Teapot." However, I believe this message of love and inspiration is all wrong. Teapotism isn't about being happy. It's about the truth of the great Celestial Teapot.

They all seem to forget the evidence. As a staggeringly reverend baron lord professor, let me just remind you of the fact that the great Celestial Teapot sent his only china cup to deliver us from the collective tea leaves of all mankind. He flushed them down the heavenly loo so that we can be in orbit with him for all eternity. Have we forgotten the miracles: how He turned water into Earl Grey? The refreshing of the 5,000?

So my bus ad would be, "Maybe there is a Teapot." Think about that all you a-teapotters out there!

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