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Thursday, 8 October, 2009, 07:24 AM - Lessons of history, Tilby
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Shhhhh.... I'm whispering very, very quietly in case the BBC's Holy Department of Religion hears me not talking about the Invisible Magic Friend.

A book about Thomas Cromwell has won this year's Man Booker prize. The book really hasn't received enough publicity yet, so I think it deserves an airing on TFTD. Anyone who's been watching The Tudors, stopwatch in hand, counting the seconds before the latest actress has to do what is absolutely essential to the script, will be disappointed by the lack of raunchy romps and naughty goings on.

Thomas Cromwell was not, I repeat not, the same as Oliver Cromwell. Tut, tut, tut, this sort of ignorance of history is all too common these days. Thomas Cromwell got his head chopped off by a king and not the other way around. So much of modern England has roots in his time, because history rarely misses out centuries and tends to have to go through them in order to get to the present.

Religious differences exist today, just as in Oliver... er, I mean Thomas Cromwell's time. Which just goes to show how relevant religion remains. Perhaps, if we could learn from the destruction that religion has wrought in the past we could leave something useful for the future?


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