Glitteringly Reverend Tom Butler, Lord Bishop of Southwark 
Wednesday, 11 November, 2009, 08:16 AM - War, Butler
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It's Armistice Day, when we remember the dead of two world wars and those who continue to die in the service of their country in Afghanistan. What is the long term solution to this war against religious fanatics?

Should we discourage the feudal allegiances and corruption of the Afghan government?
Should we work towards the long term goal of a stable, liberal democracy in Afghanistan?
Should we close down the madrassas in Afghanistan and Pakistan that indoctrinate children with hatred?
Should we seek to educate Afghan children, including Afghan girls, about the benefits of a secular society?
Should we ridicule the mullahs who preach luxury in the next life above improvements in this one?
Should we shout from the rooftops, "Religious faith is a vice, it is the tool that makes the suicide bomber possible"?

No, of course not, for then we would have to question our own religious schools and the culpability of my own faith in lending respectability to unprovable assertions.

We humans are totally incapable of building a peaceful society. We must pray, pray to the Invisible Magic Friend to make everything better.


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