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Friday, 27 November, 2009, 09:41 AM - Torah, Sacks
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A U.S. court has ruled that a bank was being harsh when demanding mortgage payments from someone who couldn't pay. It decided that the bank was just being unfair. The place to look to learn all about fairness is the Hebrew Big Book of Magic Stuff. There you'll find the Invisible Magic Friend being fair to all races and beliefs in equal measure. The Invisible Magic Friend is particularly fair in Genesis 18 where Abraham explains to the all wise and loving divinity that it's really bad form to smite the innocent to get at the wicked.

Of course you only get a feeble English translation of the original Hebrew. Several of the words are untranslatable into English, so let me go ahead and translate them anyway. English distinguishes between justice and charity, but Hebrew has a word that means justice and charity, which although being totally untranslatable, means "fair".

So there you go, the Hebrew Big Book of Magic Stuff says laws and society should be fair (although what it actually says is untranslatable).


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