Catherine Pepinster, editor of the Catholic newspaper, The Tablet 
Saturday, 27 March, 2010, 08:51 AM - Pepinster
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I was fortunate enough to visit St Walburge's church where I was able to enjoy its peaceful silence, uninterrupted by the distraction of worshippers. This magnificent church has the misfortune to be set in Preston. The surrounding houses have all been demolished and the population had the good sense to get out. Phew, what a dump.

But St Walburge's is not the only part of the Catholic Church to be silent lately. It appears that several bishops... well quite a few bishops... well rather a lot of bishops actually... ok most of them... oh, alright then, all of them have been covering up child sex abuse by Catholic Priests all over the world for at least the past 50 years. It got so bad in Ireland that the Pope had to issue an unprecedented personal apology that everybody in Ireland made such a mess of things and if only they went to church more often this would never have happened and it's all the fault of secularists anyway and why does everybody keep picking on him? Other hierarchical worldwide churches do it too. The whole media have got it in for him and everything is just so unfair!

Fortunately the Catholic Church in Britain, after a mere 2,000 years of being morally infallible, has decided that this is not good enough and in future, paedophile priests should be subject to the same law of the land as everyone else.

Meanwhile it's nearly Palm Sunday, followed by Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (being "good" because Jesus got crucified on it), Holy Saturday and finally, the holiest day of all, the feast day of the goddess Eostre.

So it's business as usual for the Roman Catholic Church.

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