Screaming Dom Antony Sutch, a Benedictine monk  
Thursday, 29 July, 2010, 07:29 AM - Health, Sutch
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As you will know, many in my family are bankers, financiers and business people. My brother was chairman of an airline. On a trip with him to Hong Kong I was constantly referred to as Mr Sutch's brother, as if I was some sort of idiot relation in a bizarre monkish outfit. This was very irritating and just made me want to scream. I wanted to be treated like everyone else.

People who are ill or diseased or unclean, just want to be treated like everyone else. The man who had a full face transplant just wants to be treated like everyone else. Christopher Reeve, who played Superman, just wanted to be treated like everyone else. A man in a wheelchair that I met once just wanted to be treated like everyone else. Lepers just wanted to be treated like everyone else, which is why Jesus liked to go around touching them.

For reasons that I'm sure are entirely clear, I would just like to mention at this point the story of Peter denying Jesus three times.

While we're on the subject of sick people, it's been a while since I had the opportunity to mention Lourdes, a site of pilgrimage so beloved by the many hoteliers, restaurateurs, tour guides, travel companies, and of course members of the clergy, who make such a worthy living by persuading millions of people of its miraculous powers. Most people who go to Lourdes get cured, except amputees, whom the Invisible Magic Friend hates and never cures, and the unfortunate woman, who on her third visit to Lourdes, instead of being cured, fell over, broke both legs, was improperly diagnosed, not treated and subsequently died. But apart from them, everyone gets cured.

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