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Saturday, 21 August, 2010, 07:13 AM - Science, Bible, Marshall
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Nineteen white-tailed sea eagles have been released into the wild from a secret location in Fife. If I were a scientist I might give you some useful information about the life of the eagle, it's relationship with other birds of prey, its evolutionary ancestry, or indeed anything that might help you to understand its role in its natural ecosystems. But I'm not, I'm an Anglican priest so I'll tell you how eagles are really only important because they're a Christian symbol.

Aren't eagles just amazing, fantastic, magnificent, resplendent, majestic, impressive, noble and all round very good? Yes they are. That's why they're so closely associated with Christianity. Whenever I see an eagle I think, that's just like a Christian that is, soaring above the humdrum everyday trivia of ordinary people, unconcerned by irrelevant distractions, seeing things clearly as they truly are, then swooping mercilessly out of nowhere... er... no, forget that last bit.

Isaiah mentions eagles, which just goes to show how incredibly important they are. They were so important that the Victorians, who all just happened to be Christian but just ignore that, drove them to extinction in the UK. Saint John the Evangelist is often portrayed as an eagle because his gospel is amazing, fantastic, magnificent, resplendent etc compared to all the other rubbishy gospels.

So there you have it. No wonder we all admire eagles, they're just like Christians.

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