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Tuesday, 23 November, 2010, 08:43 AM - Butler
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I took a little trip down a mine. It wasn't a working mine, obviously, we closed all of them years ago, but it was a mine nevertheless. Cramped and dark, I was glad to get back to the surface and breath some fresh air again, perhaps have a glass or two of sherry.

I think of this when I hear the news of the trapped New Zealand miners. It's too early to say whether the Invisible Magic Friend has chosen to save them yet, as he did with the trapped Chilean miners. We'll just have to keep praying and hope that our prayers work as well as they did last time.

There are different technical challenges to face this time. This may, or may not, make our prayers more, or less effective. We won't know until we find out.

It's at times like this that we realise just how strong our faith is. One of the fathers of the miners said "We've got faith that they're going to come out safe." As he used the word "faith" we can be sure that he meant faith in my particular Invisible Magic Friend.

I'd just like to gratuitously append a mention of Advent, the time before the Invisible Magic Friend comes at Christmas and we all celebrate with just a small drink of sherry. This is a time traditionally associated with trapped miners and so it is quite appropriate to tag it on at the end here.

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