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Wednesday, 24 November, 2010, 08:37 AM - Women, Singh
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Has anyone mentioned the Royal Wedding yet?

In common with all true Brits, we Sikhs share in the delight of the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William, and her not quite yet Royal Highness, Princess Kate Middleton. We're even more delighted that they've chosen a date so close to the birthday of Guru Nanak.

Oh yes, Guru Nanak - I wasn't going to mention him at all, but seeing as his birthday is so close to the Royal Wedding (that all we true Brits are so excited about and that has brought such joy and meaning to our otherwise dull and pointless lives) I suppose it's OK to briefly mention him. Guru Nanak taught complete equality of the sexes, as indeed did all the gurus - and so did their wives. This is why women have always had complete equality with men in Sikhism. This isn't true of other religions which I'm not going to name. Some religions, which I'm not going to name, treat women as property. Other religions, which I'm also not going to name, don't allow women to lead worship or share fully in religious rituals.

None of this is true of Sikhism. Of course, there are certain cultural traditions that prevent women from undertaking their full role that ideally Sikhism would like, but that's not Sikhism's fault.

In my household I remain the masculine hunter gatherer, bravely steering my loyal supermarket trolley down the aisles, but I also do the washing up and put the clothes out.

Anyway, back to the Royal Wedding that all we true Brits are so looking forward to with such fervent anticipation and unbounded delight. They're getting married in Westminster Abbey. I have many, many happy memories of some fantastic interfaith services in Westminster Abbey that myself and other important religious leaders have attended. It's so very, very big and that's bound to get them off to a long and happy married life. After all, Charles and Diana got married in the splendid setting of Saint Paul's and look how happy their marriage was... er.

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