One woman's quest for justice against the Daily Mail 
Thursday, 3 February, 2011, 09:05 AM - Not TFTD
Juliet Shaw responded to a request from the Daily Mail for professional women who had left the city and moved to the countryside. They were doing an article on the advantages of living in the countryside.

Except they weren't. Having interviewed and photographed her, they ran a story about her being a sex obsessed fantasist, ruining her reputation and her business. They did the same with three other women in the same article. Her attempts to get an apology were stonewalled. Not being able to afford legal counsel, she determined to sue the Daily Mail herself.

The Daily Mail counter-sued, saying she was a time-waster and demanded legal costs from her. She was then forced to spend two years defending herself against their legal action, which she won. Phone calls from the Daily Mail's lawyers eventually forced her to settle out of court. She asked only for reimbursement of her losses and a printed apology. They said she could have one or the other. Being a practical woman, she took the money and decided to put the affair behind her.

I knew the Daily Mail was a scumbag rag, but I never knew it was that bad. I sometimes link to the Daily Mail. Visitors to their web site increase their revenue and help spread the Daily Mail venom.


It's a small protest, I know, but if it were to catch on?

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