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Friday, 18 March, 2011, 08:39 AM - Brook
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Happy Red Nose day everyone! Just to show you all how game for a laugh I am, I'm wearing my red nose for all to see here on the radio. Obviously I had to make a donation to get my red nose, but that's just the kind of charitable people that we celebrity, Christian writers are.

Comedy is so important. It's equally vital not to over-analyse comedy, regarding it as a sociological phenomenon, used to bond people in the face of the shared tragedy of their miserable human existence. The essence of comedy is sadness and tears, possessing a reality that transcends the unfortunate curse of the human condition.

And on that lighter note, thank goodness we Christians can laugh at ourselves and don't take the whole thing too seriously. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm going to say that Jesus would've made a great stand up comic. And you'd be right! The Gospel is just one huge barrel of laughs from beginning to end. I mean, born in a pig sty, what's that all about, eh?

Then there's that bit where he's treated as the Messiah! Oh, please, stop, my sides were aching with laughter. What about that bit in the garden of Gethsemane? I nearly wet myself, the tears were just pouring down my cheeks.

Who can forget all those wonderful jokes he told. They didn't have anything as crude as a punchlines, obviously, it was the way he said them. All that talk about virgins and demons, rich men and camels - it was that dead pan delivery of his that made everyone think he was being serious - pure comic genius!

That's why Comic Relief is just like the Gospels, a truly spiritual experience in the fine tradition of the Gospels.

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