Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford 
Tuesday, 13 March, 2012, 08:02 AM - Tilby
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I'm a very broad minded, liberal, tolerant sort of Canon. I'm all for equality. Equality is brilliant. I think everybody should have equality.


Gay marriage is just going that bit too far. Both Catholic and Anglican bishops say so, so I must be right. It all boils down to who owns marriage. Is it society or the Church? I'm not going to come straight out and say it's the Church. That wouldn't make me look like the kind of very broad minded, liberal, tolerant sort of Canon that I am, but I will say this: marriage has been a sacrament for at least a couple of hundred years, and we owned it even before that.

All through the Big Book of Magic Stuff, we see endorsement for the kind of marriage that I approve of. From Adam and Eve's only two sons and whoever they got married to but it forgot to mention, all the way through David and Jonathan, polygamy, what you can do with your slave girls, virgin births and Jesus actually attending a wedding.

Some people say that homosexuality occurs throughout nature, which just goes to show how wrong nature can be. Gays have got Civil Partnerships. They should be happy with that and stop making very broad minded, liberal, tolerant sort of Canon's like me feel uncomfortable.

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