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Friday, 1 March, 2013, 08:22 AM - Gibberish, Harries
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Happy Saint David's Day everyone!

Somehow I have to link this to a news item, because that's what we do here on Thought for the Day, we talk about the news from a faith perspective before going on to give the sermon that we were always going to give you anyway. I've got a really clever way of doing this this morning that you'll never spot. You see I realised that the Eastleigh by-election was going to fall the day before St David's Day. So all I have to do is mention and it would sound as if I was being spontaneous and topical.

But how do I get from this topical news item to St David's Day? Too easy! One of the advantages of being a Bewilderingly Reverend Lord Professor Bishop Baron is that I get to make regular visits to the Palace of Westminster and, would you believe it, it's got a large mosaic of the four nations' patron saints, including St David. The new MP will see these when he arrives in Westminster and voilà!

What does it mean to be Welsh? It means you support Wales in football and rugby, that's what it means. The Invisible Magic Friend really cares about being Welsh. If he didn't want the Welsh to be Welsh he would have made them some other nationality, so being Welsh is clearly important. It says so in the Book of the Best Trip of Saint John the Mushroom Picker. Shakespeare even made up a speech where Henry V said he was Welsh, that's how important being Welsh is.

From this, my conclusion clearly follows.

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