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Saturday, 24 April, 2010, 07:29 AM - Lessons of history, Marshall, Middle East
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I read a book once where two people dreamed of peace in the Middle East. It was really very good, so I read it again.

Meanwhile, the chances of peace in the Middle East are not improving as relationships between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu drop to new lows. The Israeli government thinks it should be able to build as much as it likes in East Jerusalem, because it's theirs - the Invisible Magic Friend gave it to them 3,000 years ago and anyone else who just happens to live there at the moment are trespassers and should go away. President Obama, who doesn't think stories about the Invisible Magic Friend should influence government policy, thinks otherwise.

For some peculiar reason, in our own leadership debate the other night, no one seemed very keen to express an opinion on the subject. Strange, since British policy has always been so helpful in the past.

The Holy Land is held sacred by Jews, Muslims and of course we Christians. Like our fellow believers, we always hold its sanctity in the greatest respect. History shows that little disputes like this, involving simultaneous disagreements of religion, land and culture, are easily resolved if only leaders will just get around the table and have a nice cup of tea.

So our own leaders' reluctance to get involved is all the more mysterious.

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