The BBC's department of Religion & More Religion, recognises that only those who commune with their invisible magic friend can possibly have any morality. Atheists, agnostics, humanists and other amoral non-believers are therefore excluded from the pure and godly Platitude of the Day, broadcast Monday to Saturday at 07.45 (but obviously not Sundays). For your further edification and spiritual improvement, I therefore present these concise, bite-size summaries of the wisdom of their presenters.

Platitude of the Day is brought to you by me, Peter Hearty, a middle aged, overweight, atheist and life member of the National Secular Society. I enjoy, maths, science, history, classical music, singing, playing the cornet badly and taking the piss out of the self-important. I'm an ex-Catholic seminarian, ex-IT consultant, ex-businessman and an ex-university researcher. I respect everyone's right to believe whatever they wish, asking only that they stop constantly insisting that their beliefs be taken seriously.

I'm not left of centre, nor right of centre. I subscribe to no political philosophy of any kind and try to approach each subject on its merits. I look forward to the day when all human beings, regardless of race, sex, sexuality or dress sense, live in peace and harmony with each other and with their environment.

After spending two decades living in the charming East End of London, I recently escaped to Southend-on-Sea, where I live happily with my beloved Terry.

Please note, I do not have any contact details for Thought For The Day presenters. Consequently I am unable to pass messages onto them.

The picture links to Astronomy Picture of the Day act as a daily reminder that some of humanity at least are still reaching for the stars, not huddled in their caves seeking wisdom from a holy book.